Hi, Bette Dowdell here.

I write about two things that play a big role in my life, health and faith. Let me tell you how I ended up where I am.


Some people make plans for how their life will go. They create a roadmap for their future.

I was one of those people, but just as I was starting to walk out my plans, life forced me into a long and winding detour.

A month before my first birthday, a drunk driver had smashed into my parents’ car, and I ended up with a concussion. Doctors always said I was fine, and I believed them for years. I mean, since I was injured so early in life, I had no way of knowing what was “fine” and what wasn’t. If the docs said I was fine, I must be because they would know.

But when I was 23, my health fell off a cliff. My brain stopped being reliable. My hair fell out. Fatigue overwhelmed me no matter how many hours I slept. And so it went.

• Normal temperature is 98.6; mine was 94 or so, 95 on a really good day.
• Normal blood sugar is 80-100; mine was 46.
• Normal blood pressure is 120/80; mine was 70/40
• Etc.

It took me 22 years to reach misery, but there I was. Doctors still said I was fine, but doing beached whale impressions day after day isn’t fine. I wondered what would become of me.

I was on my own; if good health could return, I had to make it happen. Well, that’s pretty daunting, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. And so began my deep dive into research.

Success took a long time, but now my brain’s back, my hair’s back, my energy’s back, and life is good. But I’m still researching and learning. While health research wasn’t what I planned to do, I really enjoy it–a lot. The human body is nothing short of amazing.

And now I share my knowledge to help others get out of any health ditch they’re in.

Here’s the help I offer:

A free, weekly, health email article. I write about diet, toxins to avoid, nutrition you need, how the body works, why a lot of what we hear is wrong, etc. Check it out at http://TooPoopedToParticipate.com

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Understanding blood test results. Doctor visits are really short these days because the government thinks they should be, but that means we don’t get all the information we need. To fill in the blanks, I wrote the book, Understanding Blood Tests: When Your Doctor’s Too Busy to Explain so you can figure out what blood tests reveal, in a way you understand. And I talk about which blood tests you really want to get and which can be misleading. Read about my blood test book at http://UnderstandingBloodTests.com

And here’s the biggest, best health program going: Moving to Health. Week by week, for a year, this program teaches you the things you need to know to take control of your own health. How your body works, what your symptoms mean, and how to give your body what it needs to live long and prosper. It doesn’t take the whole year to start feeling better, but we need time to get all our body parts marching along to the beat, moving in the same direction. Read the details at http://MovingToHealth.com

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My dad was my all-time hero. Some people called him “Sir Charles” or “Saint Charles,” but I got to call him Daddy.

Built for football, Daddy was a preacher, always happy to explain what being a Christian meant and how it worked. Not very much explaining goes on today, and it’s hard to believe what you don’t understand, so I wrote How to Be a Christian Without Being Annoying to explain to others what my dad explained to me.

As I passed the information along by teaching Bible studies, the same questions kept coming up. How to Be a Christian has the answers. Not long, wordy answers, but simple answers to provide an overview of how it all works.

Lute Olson, College Hall of Fame Basketball coach, said, “Bette Dowdell has done a superb job of simplifying what Christianity is about. I would recommend it for the Christian or anyone wanting to know more about Christianity.”

Read about How to Be a Christian Without Being Annoying at http://Amazon.com/author/bettedowdell. Or, for an autographed copy, at http://ConfidentFaith.com

If you want to understand why Daddy was my hero, read my memoir, On We March: A Memoir of Growing Up in The Salvation Army. Looking back, life was very difficult, but because of the energy, optimism and faith with which Daddy led the way, we five kids never realized it.

Lucianne Goldberg, of the Lucianne.com news forum, said, “Bette Dowdell takes you into a world most of us know little about. Her big, roiling, laughing, God-fearing family, led by her charismatic father and game mother, warms you, amuses you and fills you with awe that God’s promise of joy is possible in everyday life.”

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If you want good health and a confident faith, you’re in the right place. Congratulations on being smart and knowing what makes life sparkle and shine.