Another Look at Cholesterol

Perhaps you haven’t heard the news that cholesterol is a hard-working hero. In fact, you probably heard cholesterol is a danger to all mankind–and womankind, for that matter.

So, let’s take another look.

We need cholesterol to live. To live well, we need lots of cholesterol.

For one thing, our endocrine glands–your thyroid, adrenals, pancreas, pineal, thymus, parathyroids, gonads, even our bones–make all their hormones from cholesterol. No cholesterol, no hormones.

Well, when your endocrine glands can’t keep the beat, you’re going down. Whenever you have any sickness of any kind, your endocrine glands are smack-dab in the middle of the problem. On the other hand, if your endocrine glands are healthy, so’s the rest of you.

And then there’s your brain. Continue reading

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The Terrible Price of Conformity

All kinds of people push conformity. But why? Fitting in may sound harmless, but it leads to all kinds of misery. We need to talk about this. Continue reading

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Biggest Health Hoax Ever?

Statin drugs are a hoax. For one very large thing, high cholesterol doesn’t cause heart problems, which has been proved over and over and over, in study after study, after study. Continue reading

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Weird Career Advice That Works

Some years back, my youngest brother joined IBM to sell computer systems. Since I had worked in IBM’s computer sales, he asked if I could offer some tips about success.

“I have one major tip for success,” I replied. “It doesn’t depend on other people or any particular situation, and I guarantee it will enhance your chances of success.” Here it is: “When you move, move with purpose.”

To say he reacted coolly to my big tip understates the reality. In about a nanosecond, he puffed up into a full-blown attitude, condescension and all.

He snorted, if I remember the words correctly “That’s really dumb. That’s your big idea? Move with purpose? And that’s going to make me successful?”

“Yeah, that’s it. When you move, move with purpose. And before you get all high and mighty, you ought to try it. If it doesn’t work, feel free to cop all the attitude you want, but if you don’t even try it, don’t come whining to me if you mess up.”

(Big sisters have many, many duties. Attitude control tops the list.)

“Okay. So tell me what you’re talking about.”

Well, his reply made my heart smile, so I told him.

When you’re at work–whether at IBM or at a customer’s office–when you move from one place to another, behave as if getting to your destination carries importance. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the bathroom, to get a cup of coffee or to run an important meeting. When you move, move with purpose. Don’t shuffle. Don’t amble. Don’t stroll. Move with purpose.

There are, of course, some considerations. Don’t go crashing through the place knocking people over like ten pins. The maiming of co-workers is never a good career move. You’ll want to avoid that. Besides, that’s not moving with purpose; that’s acting like your pants are on fire.

Also, don’t behave as if you have blinders on, making the people you pass feel invisible. Brief pleasantries should be handed out with abandon, like free lemon drops. Ignoring co-workers or projecting self-importance will undo the benefits of how you walk. That sort of dumping on morale makes work miserable for everybody.

So be the nice guy who moves with purpose.

And here’s what happens: People’s perception of you will add a bunch of points to your IQ. They’ll think of you as more creative. They’ll mark you as a comer. And management will see you as somebody more dedicated to the job than the average bear. What’s really interesting is you’ll find yourself living up to those perceptions.

His face couldn’t decide whether to look skeptical, bewildered or altogether disbelieving, so he wandered off.

Several months later, though, we returned to the conversation.

“Sis, do you remember that stuff about moving with purpose?”


“It works. People think I’m some kind of hero.”

I silently took a mental victory lap.

“How does something that simple make such a big difference?”

“ I have no idea. I just noticed that it did.”

And now you know, too. You should pay the big bucks for advice as good as this.

Go forth and succeed!

Bette Dowdell

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Collapsing Body Parts

As I often say, everything affects everything else. Which is why medicine’s habit of naming and treating one problem at a time comes up so short. By creating greater imbalances, this approach often causes more problems. And that’s especially true with endocrine problems. This mostly-unknown gang of glands lives and breathes the all-for-one, one-for-all credo. For one example, you may know that the pineal gland controls your circadian clock, with all the jet lag problems and such. But did you know when the pineal gland gets in trouble, mainly because we don’t know enough to do right by it, the immune system gets pushed off a cliff? And here cometh shingles, mononucleosis, viruses, infections, autoimmune diseases and the rest–starting us on our journey to the final curtain. I’m okay with dying, but not when I’m still technically alive. Living in health, with energy and optimism, is what matters, so that’s what I write about. Get my free health e-mails at http://TooPoopedToParticipate

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Know What You’re Up Against

Anybody who knows squat about the endocrine system never uses the word “easy” to describe it. But since this mind-boggling system controls how long we live and how well, it’s worth learning about. Unless you like dragging through life wondering who turned out the lights and what happened to your brain (and other body parts), you need to know the endocrine story–especially since we’re surrounded by endocrine enemies that we innocently let into our lives. A lot of money gets spread around to keep those enemies coming, so we need to know how to fight back–which is what I write about. A drunk driver put my endocrine system out of commission a month before my first birthday, and for years doctors kept saying I was fine, so I had to figure it out for myself. Well, I love doing research, and while bookworms won’t ever win Miss Congeniality, I won my health. Get good health information at

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Fixing Stress

If you have thyroid–or any other endocrine–problems, your adrenals are almost certainly in an uproar. You feel stressed and brain foggy. You lack motivation. Your digestion isn’t all it could be. And so on–and on. Medicine doesn’t catch adrenal problems and has no fix. So it’s up to us to do all that needs to be done. Nutrition does amazing, wonderful things, and I cover it in depth in my Moving to Health program. But you also improve the situation by saying “no” to stress whenever you can. Don’t hang out with negative people. Don’t feel a need to comment on everything. Accept who you are, where you are. Understand you don’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. Letting go of baggage is one way to love your adrenals. Read about restoring health at

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Killer Plastic

BPA is one of the plastics that gives us bogus estrogen, throwing our endocrine systems for a loop. Add to it the estrogen from soy, factory-farm meat and dairy, the parabens in our lotions and potions, etc. and bad things happen. Such as breast and prostate cancer. Well, the words getting out, so now you read labels shouting “No BPA!” Problem is, the BPA may have been replaced by something even more toxic. Here’s the bottom line: Nobody’s looking out for us, not the FDA, not the NIH, not any of the well-paid groups. We have to learn how to protect ourselves. Get good health information at

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Gratitude Boosts Health

A grateful heart impacts physical health in a big, big, positive way. Now, the fact is, we don’t really know how this works, just that it does–which we know for sure. Continue reading

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