Know What You’re Up Against

Anybody who knows squat about the endocrine system never uses the word “easy” to describe it. But since this mind-boggling system controls how long we live and how well, it’s worth learning about. Unless you like dragging through life wondering who turned out the lights and what happened to your brain (and other body parts), you need to know the endocrine story–especially since we’re surrounded by endocrine enemies that we innocently let into our lives. A lot of money gets spread around to keep those enemies coming, so we need to know how to fight back–which is what I write about. A drunk driver put my endocrine system out of commission a month before my first birthday, and for years doctors kept saying I was fine, so I had to figure it out for myself. Well, I love doing research, and while bookworms won’t ever win Miss Congeniality, I won my health. Get good health information at

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